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Antique bulb-horn breastpump Tooting our horns

Antique bulb-horn breastpump

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name: S.G.


city: Tucson, AZ

country: U.S.A.

message: I am so pleased with my VersaPed pump!! I have used two other brand name pumps and have had the best experience with VersaPed. I was surprised at how such a simple and light pump did such a great job. The best feature is having total control of the suction strength and speed. It makes for maximum comfort! I also like the quietness of the VersaPed. I had difficulty relaxing when I used motorized pumps because of the mechanical noise. The noise was distracting and took away from the naturalness of the experience. VersaPed is comfortable, portable, and easy to use. Thank you!

name: S.G.


city: Tucson, Arizona

country: USA

message: June 13th: The pump is working great and really suits my needs. I only pump about evey other day.

name: C.B. in California

country: USA

I recently had my third child and am nursing this baby as I did with my other two. I have always used an electric breastpump to express milk to store for emergencies. Just before this baby was born I heard about the VersaPed. After using it just once I have not even touched my electric pump because I like the VersaPed so much. For me it works as quickly and efficiently as the electric pump. I get out the same amount of milk in the same amount of time as I did with my electric. I find the VersaPed to also be more gentle than the electric and I love the fact that it is so quiet. I can use it while my family is sleeping without waking anyone up. I can even use it in the same room while my husband is sleeping and I can express while I am nursing without disturbing the baby. I wish I had one of these when my other two were babies.

Thank you VersaPed!

city: welland

name: leah de Vries

country: canada

message: i think the versa ped is the best pump on the market. My husband likes the fact that it is quiet. That means i can pump milk out of my breast in bed while he sleeps or while he watches football.