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Do breast pumps make good gifts?  Be sure before you buy.

VersaPed® pedal

The Universal Breast Pump Pedal fits your existing flange & tubing collection kit. It's ideal for moms who rented a breast pump for their first baby, and still have the collection kit, but no longer the rented motor, for their 2nd baby. The pedal is uniquely designed to fit the collection kits of all brands of table-top electric breast pumps.

If you are no longer renting, or you just want more flexibilitly and portability than an electric motor can give you, this product can put you back in pumping business.

$40 (plus $7 US shipping)   

hat side view Hand crocheted hat for newborns - We know newborns have pretty much "one thing on their minds". The lactivists (lactation activists) among us might like this one. Can be a humorous reminder to hospital staff that your baby is exclusively breastfed.

Newborn size only.
$20.00 (plus $5 US shipping)