Who is?

Dear BreastPump Mamas,

Do you really have to ask, who is BreastPump Mama?

First and most importantly, BreastPump Mama is you, the breastfeeding mother, who uses a breast pump to provide your baby with the best possible nutrition when you are away, or when there is some other situation that prevents him or her from nursing at your breast. It is you whom I desire to serve.

Second, BreastPump Mama is myself. Having used a breastpump long term when my children were very small, I’ve been in precisely your position, and can and do understand from the inside the needs of the breastfeeding & breastpumping mama. From my direct experience, I formed very strong opinions about what I liked and didn’t like in a breastpump, and what I was looking for was the perfect breastpump, one that had all the conveniences of a non-motorized breastpump, (portability, silence, self-powering), with all the ease, comfort, and effectiveness of a table-top electric breast pump (no tired arms/hands and double-pumping efficiency). I went in search of a foot-powered breastpump, and sadly for me, at the time there was no such thing. But I did realize that if I wanted such a thing so badly, I couldn’t be so different from other breastpumping mamas, and if it was ever going to be, it was up to me.

Jumping in with both feet, I went after the patent, and approached every breastpump company I could find. One did take an interest, and is licensed to this day, but from the sheer weight of the product they offer, I realized they did not have quite the same vision of lightweight convenience for it that I had. Don’t get me wrong – every breastpump saves its share of lives – but I wanted more, I wanted perfection, with lightweight portability and adaptability in such a product for breastpumping mamas.

So here I am with you, with the Foot-Powered BreastPump, and Universal Breast Pump Pedal, which fits the flange
& tubing sets of all brands of breastpumps. Juuuust in case, your idea of perfection varies slightly my own đŸ˜‰

With love for you and your baby,




BreastPump Mama

P.O. Box 18475
Tucson, AZ 85731-8475