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December 2008

Monday, December 15th

Colbert Nation's Breast Pump cracks me up!

This is hilarious!! NY Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has for many years been an advocate for breastfeeding women, and for breast pumping women as well. Here she shows decidedly good humor and grace in this interview she gave with outrageous comedian Stephen Colbert:

One thing I can't help but point out is how loud that battery powered pump is! I can tell from looking at it that it's one of the most prominent brands around, and ya know what happened to the last identical model whose decibels were aired online? It was yanked faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket. I wasn't in the room, but I'd be willing to bet a candy bar that that manufacturer, ahem, persuaded epinions to remove the video, since epinions wasn't using it to advertise breast pumps anyway, but its own reviews.

Why should a noisey breast pump be a big deal? Well, because more people than just Stephen Colbert might want to ask, "Is my breast pump bothering you?" How about, "Is my noisy breast pump bothering me?" Or even, "Is my noisy breast pump bothering my baby?" At this time I feel the need to boast of the silent double pumping (non-motorized/green) alternative, the foot-powered breast pump, by BreastPump Mama.

All the Breast,

Mom on 12.15.08 @ 01:55 PM MST [link]