foot-powered breast pump

Simply the best of breast pumps, designed by a breastfeeding mom, for breastfeeding moms:

The VersaPed® Breast Pump

  • Needs no electrical outlet or batteries

  • is Light weight, goes where Mom goes, even camping

  • Does Double or Single pumping

  • Is Comfortable, with a natural foot-rocking motion

  • Is 100% safe, because Mom (not a machine) has 100% control of the suction strength & rhythm

  • Is effective, again, because Mom has full control all the time – She can better mimic her baby’s nursing rhythms than a computer chip can

  • Is Extremely Quiet – it has no motor noise, because it has no motor

  • Is Available with either massaging or non-massaging collection kits.

  • Already have a collection kit? Order just the VersaPed® universal pedal

  • Best of all, it’s budget friendly